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Syrah 2011, Bradford Mountain Estate Vineyard

Gravity Flow Block

Syrah 2011,  Bradford Mountain Estate Vineyard
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Fred's (Peterson) Vintaged View & Vineyard Notes
The “Gravity Flow Block” Syrah is the realization of a dream of mine to produce a Syrah grown on the most exposed, well-drained location on our Bradford Mountain vineyard. This rocky hillock directly behind my house on Bradford Mountain got its name from the fact that at the top sits our 10,000 gallon water tank that serves our house and garden via gravity flow. Though I had cleared the brush off the hill in the early 1990’s, it remained unplanted through the remainder of the decade as I put my efforts into our new winery.
In March 2001, I planted the vineyard to 90% Syrah (five clones), 8% Viognier and 2% Petite Sirah with the vines planted 3 feet apart in the row and 6 feet between rows. Though the rocky ground made digging the planting holes a pain, we dug extra large holes mixing the rocky parent soil with substantial quantities of compost to give the vines a jump-start. We trained the vines up their training stakes that year and in 2002 harvested a small crop that we blended into our Mendocino Carignane.
Our “Gravity Flow Block” Syrah is a big, flavorful wine, displaying the classic “iron fist in a velvet glove” qualities that are very representative of both the vintage and the vineyard on Bradford Mountain.
By co-fermenting the Syrah and Viognier (a nod to the methods of the Northern Rhone Valley in France), the union of aromas and flavors begins at the wine’s birth. The Viognier contributes significant yet subtle influences with its delicate floral and fruit components. The resulting wine is head spinning with seductive aromas, big chewy, juicy flavors and lots of fruit. And, at the core of this wine you’ll discover that amazing mineral essence, the trademark of Bradford Mountain terroir.

Wine Specs
Dry Creek Valley
Vineyard Designation
Bradford Mountain Estate Vineyard
Alcohol %