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Our Vineyards

Fred Peterson has practiced sustainable farming in all the vineyards he's planted and nurtured in his long career. He continues this passion for grape growing in his own Bradford Mountain Estate Vineyard, as well as in his vineyard consulting practice.

When looking for grapes for Peterson wines, Fred sought growers who from the beginning practiced sustainable farming, reinforcing his support of time-honored winegrowing traditions.

Sustainability means using, maintaining and nourishing resources without using up or destroying them. Fred's desire for sustainability extends beyond the land, and is woven into his relationship with his growers. Fair market value for grapes during good years and lean years has always been his practice. The result is long-term, sustainable, relationships with quality growers, both in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties.

View of our Bradford Mountain Estate Vineyard on the western edge of Dry Creek Valley

Bradford Mountain Estate Vineyard

Overlooking the western edge of Dry Creek Valley, our Bradford Mountain Estate Vineyard spans 16 acres on the very top of the 1264--foot peak that Fred cleared and planted in the 1980s. Well-drained, red-clay soil, combined with sunny days and cool nights, produce small, intensely flavored grapes.  We produce 10 wines from these vineyards:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Zinfandel
  • Cabernet Franc (Agraria)
  • Syrah (Gravity Flow Block)
  • Petit Verdot
  • Carignane
  • GSM 
  • 3V White Blend 
  • Quinta Da Montahna (Port)
  • Merlot 

We also grow some Petite Syrah and Malbec on Bradford Mountain.


A Brief History of Bradford Mountain

Aerial view of Bernier Zinyard on the East Bench of Dry Creek Valley

Bernier Zinyard

Friends and growers Paul and Yael Bernier farm this small block of Zinfandel by their house in the Northern part of Dry Creek Valley on the East Bench. This is the first fruit to come in every harvest, resulting in an elegant and balanced zinfandel, the Swan.

"Dirt Farming" - an article about Paul Bernier. 


Tollini Vineyard in Mendocino County

Tollini Vineyard

Tollini Vineyard is located in Mendocino County's Redwood Valley.  The vineyard was originally planted by Alvin Tollini's grandfather as a traditional head-trained, dry-farmed vineyard. Old vine Carignane and Zinfandel remain from the original plantings, and Alvin's father added to the acreage after he returned from WWII. More recent additions of Petite Sirah, Grenache, Barbera, and Syrah round out the mix.  Our Old School Zin, Zero Manipulation, Mendo Blendo, and Barbera are all sourced from these sustainably farmed vines.

Aerial view of West Vineyard in Dry Creek Valley

West Vineyard

Farmed by Tom West since he purchased it in the 1960s, this 114 year old vineyard in the southern part of Dry Creek Valley produces our Tradizionale Zinfandel, and has been the grape source for this wine for more than 20 years.  Tom can often be found at our winery events, and can regale you with stories of old Healdsburg and farming over the past half century.


Close up of an old head pruned vine at Forchini Vineyard in Dry Creek Valley

Forchini Vineyard

Our Neighbors here on Dry Creek Road, the Forchini Family, have been farming in the valley for nearly as long as Fred. We've been fortunate enough to get some of their 70 year-old Carignane for many years. Carignane is traditionally a blending grape for Zinfandel and other varietals, but this superb vineyard produces such quality fruit, we decided to bottle the Forchini Vineyard Carignane as a 100% varietal.


View of Teldeschi Vineyard, our neighbors in Dry Creek Valley

Teldeschi Vineyard

In the early 1990s,Teldeschi Vineyards owner and long-time Dry Creek Valley grapegrower Ray Teldeschi got Sangiovese budwood from Fred off Norton Ranch, where Fred had planted Sangiovese a few years before. Ray planted the vines on his "home ranch" vineyard, which is next door to our winery on the eastern Dry Creek bench. Sitting above the valley floor with a Southwest exposure, this vineyard site is perfectly suited to the finicky Sangiovese grape.

Early spring image of Borkow Vineyard in Dry Creek Valley

Borkow Vineyard

Borkow Vineyard lies on the Northeastern side of the Dry Creek Valley on Canyon Road. It's a steep hillside vineyard, with rows running up the slope, and the vines are trained to a wire for more support and optimization of sun exposure. The Zinfandel from this vineyard adds a floral component to our Dry Creek Zin blend.

View of Funsten Vineyard in Dry Creek Valley

Funsten Vineyard

Funsten Vineyard is off Lytton Springs Road, overlooking the Dry Creek Valley floor on the eastern benchland. It is also adjacent to the former location of Peterson Winery, and was planted by Fred and Jamie at the turn of this century. The soil has a higher percentage of clay and gravel resulting in lower yields of intensely flavored and balanced fruit. This is one of the sources for our Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel blend.


Redwood Glen Vineyard in Dry Creek Valley is the source of our Sauvignon Blanc

Redwood Glen Vineyard

Kevin Skene farms this little vineyard in Dry Creek Valley. The property sits right at the confluence where Dry Creek flows into the Russian River. The vineyard is predominently planted to Sauvignon Blanc vines, with the Musque clone, and produces a truly unique Dry Creek Valley white wine.